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This system is designed to provide a self defense CORE Combat Options and Responses to an Encounter, serious ways of dealing with Potential Attacks and Actual Attacks.
    It is a PRIMER with Basic Lessons...not an Encyclopedia.

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We are building a self defense system...not a martial art.

               Why this approach matters​​

​Now let's get serious.  That may, however, subject you to an odd mix of reality and humor.

In places on this site there are streaming videos from other martial artists on youtube.  They are credited for their materrial.  We make no claims what-so-ever on these videos.  The videos were chosen because they have better technique, more skills, and a better exposition of the topic than  we can provide.​​
A History of Hapkido

​Modern Hapkido, the foundation of this system, has been influenced by the arts below. The  knowlege of those arts flow from the training and backgrounds of the key people who got us to where we are so far.

Self Defense Table of Contents

Self Defense Table of Contents

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Self Defense Table of Contents provide lessons on Basic Moves and Specific Techniques for defending one's self as well as adding information on the Mental and Physical Concepts that are the foundation for those techniques 

Self Defense Models

Self Defense Models

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Self Defense Models are a set of what might best be described as graphic charts of how this system works.

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There are areas where though I may think and have said or taught the concepts, I just do not have what is needed  to convey the point in the context of a web based presentation. 

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