B to Base = Kick Low

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1, Kick Low
             Chop the Tree Down from the Bottom
              Closest Weapon to Closest Target
              Keep Your Balance

2. Look At Target

3.  Shift Weight Towards Kicking Foot
                 Step Forward on a 45 degreee angle
                  Move Hips in Direction of  Taerget

4.  Keep Hands up to Counter or Monitor Attackers Hands
      or fend off a hgh kick

Michael Janich

You also do "A to the Face" why aren't there "Hits to the Middle"?

When you stomp backwards shift weignt onto the heel of the ki the Kicking Leg.

​​KIck Low!
To see what kicks
​to use,

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​Why you should not Kick High = Bad Tactics

There are skilled people who can kick high.  It is not the best tactical move, and can be defended against, if you keep your hands ready and recognize it might be used, You block a high kick just as you would a punch from a large attacker, slide, soft block, and counter.

A sidekick to break knee cap