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1, Kick Low
                Chop the Tree Down from the Bottom
                Closest Weapon to Closest Target
                 Keep your Balance

2. Look At Target

3.  Shift Weight Towards Kicking Foot
                 Step Forward Usually on a 45 degree angle
                 Move Hips in Direction you are kicking

4.  Keep Hands up to Counter or Monitor Attackers Hands

Stomp Kick

        Hire an Olympic Skater as a stand-in?

Remember to Kick Low

     All Types of

There are a large number of kicks.   We only cover the most basic.   There are no hign kicks, no spinning kicks, no jump kicks.  There are no toe kicks  (and if we each  had a dollar for every broken toe, we would all live in bigger houses).

All of these kicks are delivered looking at the target.  Once it is this seious, forget about trying to fake someone out, KicK them hard and repeat. 

 We kept it simple on purpose.
WWII  Combatives had 3 Kicks  (A) Side Kick  (B)Knee   (C) Combo Shin Scrape/ Heel Stomp

Just kidding... but if you can do a Drunken Yak Spinning Jump Kick, go ahead,   You will not find it here.

Stomp or Heel Kicks
can be done to Foot-Knee-Thigh
It will work higher as well to Stomach
....we always think low kicks so that is not shown here

C​Change Angle =

​Spike Kick

This a Rising Knee with a different target