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Vic Cushing
Our philosophy is simple. Use what works.  

This site is not about learning a complete martial art with ranks, belts, and certificates.
 It is about what will help you defend yourself whatever rank or none that you have.

A person in danger be it a man, a woman,  a Cop, State Trooper, Corrections Officer, Marine , Soldier does not care about colored belts or  fancy  framed items on a wall.

They want to survive, escape, and go home to those they love.

They want to know what will work.

I welcome any ideas anyone offers to make this site better

Choi's Student Kim Jeong-Yoon, also rendered as Kim Jung-Yun
(or -Yoon) was one of his most senior trusted students. In 1963 when Choi became the first Chairman of Korean Kido Assocation (Daehan Ki Do Hwe) he appointed Kim as Secretary General.

Later Kim separated from the hapkido to form his own Han Pul organization. Han Pul remains firmly based in the teachings of Choi Yong-sool

GM Choi, Yong-shul

GM Kim, Jung- Yoon

GM Hyun, Kwang Seek

GM Cushing, Victor


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