Locks, Destructions, and Takedowns

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Lock vs Destruction

When you rotate any joint ore hyperextend it when it is being ed in more than one dimension at the same time (A) You will Cause Pain (B) The furtrher and fastrer you go you will likely ear things (C) If you strike or shift your weight you will break it or dislocate it

Since your attacker will be off balance shifting your weight using your hips and prope foot work will let you take them down or bang them into objectss.   You can add your weight to the counter attack driving your weight into them.

and a finger lock so actually 4 locks

A quick look at each.   Every one will be examined in more detail

Arm Bar
Outside Wrist Lock
​Push the little finger side of the hand into his wrist.  Keep your palm flat and grab his forarm do not drape your fingers over. 

Grip tightand turn towards his center...like the throttle on a motor cycle as you push in on a 45 degree angle behind him
Finger Lock

Ths can be done with all the fingers individually or as a bunch.  

You are using the middle joint/s of his fingers as the point of rotation.

Rotate the back of his han d down and in towards yourself.

Like you were tightening the lid on a jar holding it sideways