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Self Defense Table of Contents

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Mistake 1 Ignore aderenal rush

You can't ignore adrenualine.
Hands, legs skae, may sweat, you feel afraid and nervous,  heart rate rises.  .Cognitive  ability drops quickly.

A ll training and plans may disappear.  Hit the  Head if target is ope.

Palm Srikes, Hammer Fists, Elbows and some punches, had amce, nightr stick...thouhts just go.

Simple techniques = a few that you have practiced and know well.
Locks and fancy stuff will evaporate from your mind.

Mistake 2 do not train for actual attacks

Never test in a combat simulation. can do in pieces muscle,

Like red man. 
Wrist locks work best off surprise  or the aboitly to grab it as it presents itself not the preprogreammed grabs a punched
aikio guy. Just hit that will make them let go

Mistake 3 do not know hjow to react to an ambush a most reralistic scdenarioi

Which is one of the most likely attaqcks by a cxriminal

Michael Leading Horse

Handling Straight on Hard Line Attack, Off Line and Forward Engagement

Elbow Blocking Punches

Assuming a Strike to the Groin ends an attack

Leaning Back to Avoid a Punch

Hard Punch Means Clenched Muscles

Lean back wih chin in, and snap back ASAP

You must be able to hit and kick really hard.

1. Takes a lot of practice to do that
2. Remember it is a fight and you must win
3. Always follow the rules and fight fair 

One Strike will end it.

1. Pick the Right Target
2. Hit it Hard
3. Done

Pain Compliance is your best bet.

1. Learn Pressure Points
2. They will work every time
3.  Squeeze/Poke and get immediate success

Self Defense is used when you have been attacked

1.  Wait Until they punch, kick or grab
2.  You have to learn which technique use for each scenario
2.  Use the one and best defense for that attack
3.  Walk away

There is a best martial

1.  It covers everything
2.  It is has a technique of all events
3.  It always works
4.  You need study for years to be good

Ki Projection is a good way to defend yourself.

1.  No real Proof that it works.
2.  Teachers often are very skilled at Martial Arts in general. 
3.  Demonstrations are on students who believe it works.
4.  When it fails on some one else. It wiil be explained that
     subject did something to counter it or the practitioner              wasn't feeling well.
5. You shouldn't trust a method with those limitations 


Weapons will keep you safe

A Poke in the Eye is an attack ender

Groin Strike

Throat Strikes

Good Myth Buster Video

Combat Self Aware

Just Hit Them