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Any of the Techniques on this site can cause serious harm. 
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There is a lot of material on this site.  Being aware and leaving ,  if  danger seems to be developing is the best defense.  

When you are ambushed, turn, then stike and kick. As soon as possible, leave and call the police.

Locks , Throws, Chokes may be more than you need.   We advise that your use of locks be usually limited to grope and lower level threats.

Self Defense Table of Contents
                with Three Special Sections

​CORE = A Primer

This is not an Encyclopedia.  We do not cover everything.  This is not the complete array of techniques, scenarios and approaches. To be proficient you need to practice with people who use a similar approach to the issues.

Zero or 100 percent


​​ "Survive and Escape" HAS an A, B, C logic.
A to Face
B to Base
C Leave
​​ "Survive and Escape" COUNTS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.
02 Center Line
03 Lower Your Base
04 Look at  the Target
07 Non Resistance
05 Don't go to the Ground
06 Don't go Backwards
08 Circular Motion
09 Water Principle
CORE  is  a list of Primary Techniques for Self Defense
Head Butt
Head Control
Improvised Weapons
Locks and Destructions
Dirty Tricks
Head Smash
            The categories above are all offensive techniques
            being used for defensive purposes.

Mental Aspects

Sheep or Wolf
Size won't matter, if
Clowns and more
Gender Issues

Physical Aspects

Myths, Mistakes, and More
Condition Red, Orange, Yellow,and White
Positions and Stances
Flinch and Response
Adrenal Surge and Reaction
Physics of  SD
Get off the Line

Forward Engagement

Closest Weapon to
Closest Target

Soda Can Draw
Movement is
the Best Block
Block Softly
Counter with what he does not Control
Tactical Knockouts

Defenses for Specific Types of Attacks

In order to teach Techniques we match them with Attack  Scenarios.  An attack is not a template, the correct response is turn towards them as soon as possible and explode. Do not expect to match one technique to one attack. The actual attack may or may not fit any one example on this web site.  

The conditions may vary, the positions may vary, the attack may flow and change in a second.  Keep fighting and change to whatever tachnique works in the moment.

Hit the closest target with a technique you know and pound away. When the set of targets changes because of your strike or kick or whatever.  Go for the nearest new target.
Punch or Grab??
Kicks High
Grabs Front
Tackles and Bear Hugs are grouped because they are done by attackers who want to overwhelm you
Kicks Low 
Grabs Rear
Locks from Puncnes
Grabs Clothing
Bear Hugs Rear
Locks from Grabs
Bear Hugs Front
​Chokes, Headlocks and Hair Grabs
are  similar because the target is the same and you usually have your hands free
Wrist Grabs    
Same Side
Hair Grabs
Wrist Grabs
Cross Hand
Choke Defenses
Simple Escapes

You have to have targets to hit when you counter-attack.






Car Jacking
Stick Defenses
Seated on Ground
Seated in Chair
Knife Defenses
Gun Defenses

                Three Special Sections

Women's Self Defense - Table of Contents

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​​Sexual Assaults - Table of Contents

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* This section is devoted to helping women better deal with specific sexual assaults.  

While all of the techniques shown on this web site can be used by both men and women, there are added factors that come into being for many women.

Included in these factors are the nature of the attacks and the social conditioning that has been directed at women which often gets in way both of recognizing an impending assault and then interfers with how to deal with it.

Within that topic a set of defenses shows women demonstrating defenses that also apply anyone being subjected to a violent attack .

The attacks are shown with a man attacking a woman (equal to Attacker and Attackee) The actual people can be any combination of designations

(husband and wife team, namely me and my wife)

The woman wears tights so we can be realistic about the scenario hopefully without offending the veiwer.

There is no nudity and the depiction is accurate.


Ground Fighting - Table of Contents

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Just for fun......

Never Underestimate an old man with a cane. See reason why above.

While it may be fun to think
we are bad to the bone,
a jury might not agree with us.
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