Seminar Information

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$ 500.00* Minimum Fee for up to 20 people, and $15.00 for each person over 20 persons. Total group limited to 30 people*or split into several sessions.  

Above 30 people per session there is not enough attention paid to each person

 You obtain liability releases for all participants. I will supply the release forms.

 You may video record the session, if you provide me with a copy.

You pay for travel, food, lodgings (which could be at someone's house) and other reasonable expenses.

You provide a training area that must have  mats of some kind so we do not crash someone onto concrete. etc

For Law Enforcement, Corrections  Officers, and Active Duty Service members  fees are discounted by 40% of the prices above. 

However, you will be required to have a beer with me after the Seminar and provide a t-shirt from your unit to get that discount

Victor M Cushing
505 17th Street East
West Fargo, ND 58078

Skype: vic-cushing

More Detail on my background  VMC  Resume