Victor Cushing has 54 years of training in the martial arts.  He now holds a 9th Dan in Modern Hapkido and is recognized at the Master's level by Kido Hae, The American Defensive Arts Assciation, American Combat Arts Association, International Combat Hapkido Federation, and the Common Sense Self Defense and Street Combat Association. 

​He holds PI and Security Contractor licenses in Illinois and Pennsylvania.  He was the Operations Manager for Blue Knight Detective Agency in Chicago with 3 investigators and 70 armed personnel reporting to him.  He is the owner of Blue Knight Detective Agency in Pennsylvania.   He has 26 years of criminal investigation experience.

​He has taught defensive tactics and combat techniques to personnel in Chicago and Pennsylvania from DEA, FBI, US Customs, Sheriff's Departments, Corrections Officers, US Army Units, University Public Safety and Police Officers, Pennsylvania State Police, Pennsylvania DOC Officers, and Hospital Security Officers.

​He taught Women's Self defense courses at The University of Scranton as an adjunct professor for 14 years where he trained 1400 women to protect themselves.


​Victor Cushing trained in Grappling, Judo, Kal/Escrima ,Shoire-Ryu, and mixed martial arts

​In 1983 he became a strudent of GM KS Hyun in Chicago in Hapkido. Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is oriented to defensive tactics and street fighting.  Hapkido includes strikes, kicks, joint locks, chokes, throws, pressure points, and cane fighting.  Hapkido was used as the basis for hand to hand combat training given to some elite units in Viet Nam.

The style GM Hyun teaches is Han Pul.  Han Pul was developed by one of the most  senior students of Choi Young Sool.   ​Hyun's Hapkido School has been instrumental in providing professional defensive tactics training to The Chicago Police Department, 25 local Police departments, The Cook County Sheriif's Department, and Naval Intelligence Units,

​Victor Cushing became a 3rd dan Instructor at Hyun's school training students in the morning classes.
​When he moved to Pennslyvania in 1996, he opened two schools there under GM John Pelligrini of the International Combat Hapkido Federation as a 4th Dan.

​1999 he was awarded a 5th Dan( Masters rank) by GM In Sun Seo and shortly after that Founded IMHF, The International Modern Hapkido Federation. Modern Hapkido is an extension of Han Pul that adds the best practices and key elements of the other arts he has trained in to provide a system of self protection to both professionals and people who just need to be sure that can defend themselves.

​From 1982 to 2002 I worked with Pat Sergott who helped me refine my thinking and the application of these ideas to an increasingly violent world.  He appears with his students in a number of video clips and animations.
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International Modern Hapkido Federation