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Women's Attitude

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Envision the Possibilites Good and Bad                                   ..and if it hits the fan, act like htis guy says!

As children we are all socialized by our parents and caretakers to be polite and behave ourselves
"don't hit your brother" "no biting" "put down that stick" " be nice to everyone" 

If we compete in sports there are always rules that a designed to protect the people engaged that competition. Even in mixed martial arts or cage fights there are rules in spite of often being billed as no holds barred event,  There are referees to stop fights, to discipline contestants, etc.

Rules forbid actions that may injure an opponent, such as strangling, kicking, gouging, and biting. The competitors have the option of tapping out which ends the fight.

Women are generally expected to act even more polite which while it may meet some peoples definition of role of women in society, it doesn't meet mine and will  not serve you very well in an attack.
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