​Encounters include hugging a loved one. If you are running Combat Options and Responses under those circumstances, get counseling quickly.

There is a wide range of situations that occur in our lifes that may cause us to think whether we have a personal safety concern...from a stranger asking for directions to an ambush. 

That wide a range simply means that we should be aware and willing to act should we need to.

As an investigator who worked in bad neighborhoods interviewing witnesses and talking with people who may have commited a violent felony...my approach was to talk softly, have a friendly tone, and a calm demeanor.  Still I did not let my mental guard down. 

Don't stand there with you fists up, That's stupid and unproductive. 

Do keep a distance between you and who you are talking to, have your partner watching you, and be aware so you can react if trouble starts to brew.

Zero to 100% is a phrase that captures that
behavior for me.

This exhibit says Escape and you should. 

Unless you are law enforcement...get out of there ASAP! 3